“If a woman lies then smile and forgive her. If a woman complains then be quiet and listen to her. If a woman cries then gently brush her tears away. But above all else - You are to never strike a woman. Is that understood, my damned disciple?” That was the first thing the boy ever learned from his master. As a human being his master was very peculiar. One might say that he was open-hearted but to put it frankly he was nothing more than a hedonist with a personality that couldn’t be any worse. He was constantly womanizing and when there was not enough money for lodging they would be forced to sleep outside and live off the land. As a result, the brother and sister went through a lot because of this powerless man. As a mage he was apparently very skilled however in the area he was just known as a so-called “deviant” and someone who had more enemies than allies. If society were to label him as anything he probably would have been labelled a nogood master. He only met the two siblings by chance and may have very well just made the boy his disciple on a whim but even so the boy was grateful to him and respected him. His master was freed from society’s expectations, rules, formalities and wielded an incredible power for which the boy could not help but feel something akin to envy for. “I want to become him- No, I want to surpass him,” was what the boy thought from the very bottom of his heart. A few years later, without any warning whatsoever, the boy would end up surpassing his master. He was able to surpass the man he so admired as a “mage” as well as the “deviant” that society had so labelled him and became an even greater deviant than his master was. The boy then strayed from the very world, broke off from it, and deviated altogether.

(Source: Deus Ex SCANS)