“I was careless, wasn’t I,” the girl thought to herself as she had fallen to her knees in the deep forest far from town. Feeling nothing but shame over her own immaturity. Her mana was on the verge of being depleted. The artifact she always used wouldn’t go into its released form and was reverting back to its original form as a short sword. It was thanks to her academy uniform that was made for combat that she was practically unscathed but now that her mana was exhausted she had no means of blocking the next attack. Even if she had been at full strength, she doubted she would have been able to block an attack from a dragon which was what she was facing in that very instant. It was a black dragon whose massive size even exceeded the trees. Its hard scales showed off a pale glimmer from the early summer sun and its claws were as long as any sword. What’s more, it had a mouth that was very reminiscent of a lizards which boasted sharp fangs as well and from the opening of its mouth one could hear a faint growling coming from deep within.

Among all the magic races that pass through the “Gate” dragons are especially powerful. “This doesn’t look like a dragon that could be defeated by a just few dozen A-rank mages, either,” Yukiha thought to herself. This time around, the mission Yukiha was tasked with was investigating a “Gate” that incidentally appeared? She was aware that the mission was dangerous and was prepared for a certain degree of combat. However she would never have thought she would be facing down a dragon as she was now. In terms of power dragons pale in comparison to “Witches” and “Vampires” but that does not mean that it is something that a single mage could handle. “It would seem that I still have a long ways to go,” she thought. She was probably being too hasty. She wanted to join the Knight Squad as soon as possible and it was due to her eagerness to prove her worth to her superiors that resulted in the situation she was in now. If she died she would lose everything.

In that instant, the dragon opened its mouth wide. Mana then started to concentrate in its mouth and as it started to inhale a magic circle appeared before it bearing a complex design. Humans need to use a medium, their own personal magic item otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use magic. However, magic races hold an even greater mastery of magic using just their bodies alone that surpasses any human’s. The dragon was preparing to unleash a Fifth Level Flame Magic known as “Hell Blaze”. It then launched a giant ball of fire from its mouth. The magic it used to make this fireball was so great that it scorched the air as it was fast approaching her. Yukiha desperately tried to get out of the way of the dragon’s attack but she couldn’t move her body the way she wanted to. Her knee was broken and she ended up collapsing right then and there. “Damn. I cannot afford to die in a place like this!” said Yukiha as she gritted her teeth and cursed her own powerlessness, “Mother…”

“Whew! That’s hot!” Of course, that anti-climactic yell was not Yukiha. Had one received a direct hit from such a magic spell they probably would have been reduced to charcoal before even feeling how “hot” it was. Once Yukiha realized that she was not dead she a boy she had never seen before standing before her. His hair was black and although he had a slender build she did not think him scrawny and then noticed his body had some slight musculature to it. The boy was also wearing a woman’s choker around his neck. In addition, she noticed that the boy was wearing the same Seishun Academy uniform for which she was a student there. If he was wearing that uniform then that meant that he had the potential that would let him use magic and become a mage.

“Wh-Who are you?!” Yukiha demanded. Though she had asked who he was on reflex, he did not hear her but was busy blowing on his right arm.

“Man that was hot. I thought I was going to get burned,” the boy then said.

“Wha-What just happened?! What became of the dragon’s attack?!” She asked, bewildered. In what Yukiha saw next she could not help but have her breath taken. Save for where she lay on the ground and the boy stood the forest beside them had been ravaged by fire. By some miracle they weren’t burned but Yukiha could see its path of destruction. The fireball had reduced a portion of the forest to a field and the trees and ground around them were incinerated and smoking. “Impossible,” she thought, “Did he deflect it?! There isn’t anybody who could do such a thing!” As far as Yukiha could tell, he did not have any sort of weapon at all. He was completely unarmed. He might have been using an artifact but she couldn’t be certain about what sort of medium he was using. Regardless, no matter how strong a mage might be, to be able to deflect a Fifth Level Flame Magic just isn’t possible. Once the boy felt Yukiha’s glaring-like stare the boy then turned her way and said,

“That was close, huh. Looks like I got here just in time.”

“Just… Who are you?!”

“Hmmm… I guess I’m the same as you. We’re both mages learning to control our magic,” said the boy as he pointed at both their uniforms. “Though to be honest I can’t really use it so calling me a ‘mage’ is a little weird.”

“I knew it, so you are a mage enrolled at the academy… But I have to say this is the first time I have ever seen you,” she said as she was looking at his face, trying to determine if she had seen him before, but could find no recollection of him. It wouldn’t have been strange if she saw someone as powerful as him on the ranking list. But no, she could not remember seeing him on it.

“Oioi, what’s with the passionate stare? It’s kind of embarrassing when you stare at me like that, you know?”.

“Wha-! I was not staring!”

“And for another thing…” the boy continued as he then put his hands in front of him. What the boy did next was clap his hands once than exhaled while making a circle and then proceeded to put his hands out and above his eyes as though he was looking a far distance. Unable to understand what the boy was doing, Yukiha just frowned at him. All the while searching her memory, to see if he was performing some sort of ritual or something she had seen. Seeing this, the boy started to panic and then tried to explain himself.

“Hu-Huh? You didn’t get it? Come on, knock it off… You’re making me feel like I made a fool of myself…”“What are you trying to say?”

“Well, I was trying to say… Pan-tsu-maru-mie (which translates to “I can see your panties”)… Ah, come on… don’t make me feel like I have to do that all over again…” Though boy then seemed depressed as he was going through all the movements once again. Yukiha however, now that he explained that the clues were in the sounds he was making, now understood what he was trying to say. Yukiha then looked down and finally realized what a shameless position she was in. It was probably due to her evading the dragon’s earlier attacks that her skirt was rolled up almost all the way revealing her underwear underneath. She then frantically pulled her skirt down but it was already too late.

“Wha… Wha… Wha…” were the only words she could muster. She never felt more embarrassed in her life.

"Oh, looks you finally got it. That’s good,” was the boy’s only reply.

“What do you mean, ‘that’s good,’ you pervert!”

“Who’re you calling a pervert? I was even nice enough to tell you.”

“The-Then you should have just come out and said it! Instead you chose to say it in such a roundabout way?!”

“I thought you would be hurt if I did.”

“Well I don’t need you to be considerate in that regard!” said Yukiha as she continued to yell at him. The boy, however, showed no signs of replying to her. He just acted like he didn’t have a care in the world and looked up at the sky as he stretched his arms.

“Well, I’ve got to admit I didn’t expect to see a girl’s panties out in broad daylight like this… Yeah, today was a good day,” he finally replied.

“So you are a pervert, aren’t you?!” Yukiha retorted. Feeling that her chastity was in danger, Yukiha then proceeded to cover her chest and waist when she heard a faint growling which then turned into a massive roar. The black dragon was looking straight at them and looking ready to launch its next attack. “You, pervert.”

“Huh? Me? I have a really cool name you know. It’s-“

“I couldn’t care less about what your name was. If you are a student of the same academy as I am then you are to contact the Knight Squad right away and ask them to dispatch the Seventh Heaven knights. That is… Just how powerful this dragon is,” said Yukiha as she stood to her feet. Putting her hand to her leg and pushing off the ground and then said, “I will do all I can to buy you time.” Yukiha then went about trying to summon as much mana as she could muster from deep inside herself and concentrate it into the Artifact she held in her hand. “Crumble and shatter like thin ice Bloom wildly like a mad bloom.” Yukiha continued in a dignified tone. Her spinning words together as though she were reading a poem. In order for her to activate her artifact, this incantation was absolutely necessary. Voice, words, and power, It is only when these three conditions are met that they will act as a “catalyst” that will allow the artifact to return to its original form. Now that the Artifact has been given the key allowing it to return to its original form, the Artifact then changed from being a short sword to being a weapon that only Yukiha can use. “Diamo-“ said Yukiha as the boy interrupted her.

“Hold on, time out,” said the boy as he pushed her shoulder and she lost her balance and collapsed.

“Myan!” cried out Yukiha as the suddenness of his actions caused her to make that sound.

“Haha,” laughed the boy, “What was that? Did you just say ‘myan’?”

“Shu-Shut up! You are the one to blame, after all! Just what do you think you’re doing?!” she demanded.

“Aren’t you worn out? You were barely standing as it is. Don’t push yourself so hard. Just sit back and take it easy,” answered the boy who then redirected his gaze towards the dragon. The boy then took a step forward as though he were trying to hide Yukiha behind him and so as to face off against the beast of incredible magical power. Though the beast he was facing was far larger than himself, Yukiha had the impression that he was neither nervous nor afraid. He was as solid as a rock and he showed no signs of wasted movement.

The boy truly seemed to be relaxed. “Yo, you monster, you’re the kind that understands what I’m saying? Well if you are then let me just tell you that if you apologize now that I’d be willing to let you off for today,” said the boy as he tried chit-chatting with the beast but the dragon completely ignored him. Not only did it not understand him, it had no intention to either way. The dragon’s giant body then moved at incredible speeds and mowed down the boy with a swing of its five claws. Even though Yukiha was as far back as she was she, too, felt the impact of the dragon’s attack. A vast chunk of the ground had been carved out leaving a deep groove in the ground. The boy, however, was nowhere to be seen. “You’re ignoring me? Oh well, if that’s the way you want it,” Hearing the boy’s listless voice from above Yukiha then looked up on reflex and could see that he had jumped far into the air. The boy then made his hand into a fist and then pulled back as he was bearing down on the dragon. “All enemies of girls are my enemies,” the boy then said. What happened next is hard to explain.

For Yukiha, it was almost as if she could not make out what had happened at all. That being said, however, it was not so much a matter of her not seeing his movements or techniques he was using. In fact, it was the complete opposite. What she saw was burned right into her retina and very mind. It was precisely for this reason that she was confused about what she saw. His movements were exceedingly simple. It was a punch. That was all it was. He used nothing but his own strength to deliver a punch to the side of the dragon’s reptilian face. As a result, the dragon collapsed causing the very ground to shake and the battle had ended. The boy was completely and utterly victorious. Even Though he called himself a mage he didn’t use any magic and ended it all with a single punch. The whole thing was just so absurd unexpected even in a way, their meeting each other was a checkered one. She a girl who wanted to become stronger no matter what, him a boy who had become stronger.

The two of them were very similar yet dissimilar from each other and it was almost out of pure irony that allowed them to have a chance meeting like this. Kuhouin Yukiha would later find out more about the boy and that his name was Asagami Iuli. He saved her from a desperate situation as well as made an impression on her with his fighting skills. In a world that will see a war between humans and demons after a thousand years he will end up becoming stronger than anyone or anything and the both of them would learn along with each other at Seishun Private Academy. Seishun Private Academy is an organized anti-magic squad and is one of the lower organizations of the “Gouma Knight Squad.” Located in Japan, the massive academy is in the small corner of the local city of Hamaya. On the surface it may just seem like a normal private academy but in reality it is actually a facility that raises mages. A great many students come to the academy, with hopes of joining the knight squad as a goal. They come to the academy to polish their skills so that they may combat the fantastical beings that come from the demon world which are knows as the “magic races.” At present, the one with the highest rank of number one in the Academy is none other than Kuhouin Yukiha.

The reason why the magic races have not been invading the human world all that much is due to a dispute going on in the demon world. Due to a dissonance between the two strongest races in the demon world, the “Witches” and the “Vampires,” they split themselves into two factions along with their kinsmen and the two of them had battled with one another for a long while. To put it simply, they just did not have the time to care about humans.” The one speaking was the headmaster of the academy and she spoke while quietly watching Yukiha in a seemingly lavish chair. She was a beautiful woman who had a very gentle air about her. Her name was Kurouri Himitsu and in addition to serving as headmaster she was also the captain of the Gouma Knight Squad. “However,” she continued on, “three years ago, it ended with the ‘Witches’’ victory. As such, they will probably direct their attention to us humans now. It is expected that we of the Gouma Knight Squad will encounter even fiercer opposition in the times to come.” Now looking utterly appalled, the headmaster then went on to say:“Now then, seeing as how we are at such a critical juncture… Why did you turn in this lie of report to me, Yukiha-san?”

Yukiha was silent and didn’t know how to respond. All that she could do then was close her eyes somewhat and lower her head as she made a pained look on her face. Himitsu then picked up some papers from her extravagant desk and then began to read from it: “A boy suddenly appeared and fought off the dragon with a single punch.’ If you are going to lie to me then why don’t you try making a more convincing lie? Even as a joke it seems to be lacking any sort of humor.” “Yukiha-san, you truly are a gifted student,” Himitsu then went on to say, “While you were in the middle school section you were certified as an A-Rank mage. Then in your first year of high school you went on to gain the highest rank of 1st in our academy. In all, you have done exceptionally well with attaining such brilliant grades all the while holding the prestigious name of ‘Kuhouin’. Once you have graduated it is all but certain that you will join the Knight Squad. Naturally, I too have such expectations of you as well. So… for you to pull such a childish prank was quite a shock.”

“I am… very sorry,” said Yukiha as she bowed her head after considering all the options lying before her. Though she could have gone on and on trying to defend her report she thought there was no chance of the headmaster believing her story. Even as she was standing before her she still doubted that what she had seen was real. Had she been told that it was all a dream she would have found that to be more believable. For example, had someone been told that an Elephant had been defeated by a Hercules Beetle, would anyone believe it? For a person to defeat a magic being with a single punch would be quite an accomplishment and would be nothing short of miraculous.

“Well, I will overlook this incident. You can be a little too serious at times so I am happy to see you pull a prank like this every now and then,” said Himitsu as she smiled at her. Seeing this, Yukiha could not help but feel that it was because the headmaster felt that she was adorable for doing something so stupid and it was then that Yukiha started to harbor thoughts of revenge towards the boy. So then, the headmaster went on to say, “What truly happened? We did certainly find the dragon’s remains beside the “Gate” that you went to investigate.”

“When I arrived at the gate, the dragon was already dead. I believe it was dealt a fatal wound before it passed through it,” answered Yukiha as she went about making up a story she thought was more believable. Considering the headmaster did not believe her after telling the truth, she had no choice but to make up this story, “I have heard that magic beings will compete with one another when a “Gate” manifests itself. This dragon may have also been in some sort of conflict in the demon world before coming to our world.”

“I see,” said Himitsu as she nodded her head. The Demon World is another world that exists besides the Human World. Normally the two worlds remain separate however, what with warps in space-time known as “Gates,” it is possible to go from one world to the other. The first one opened was one from one thousand years ago. The two worlds that had been separate all this time began to intertwine and magic beings bringing nothing but disaster to the human world. “So that is what happened. Well, regardless, you did a good job,” continued the headmaster as a smile began to form on her face.

Yukiha then went on to bid the headmaster farewell and leave but just as she was about to she then turned around and said, “Captain Kurouri, is it possible to defeat a magic being barehanded and without any magic like I wrote in my report?”

“It is not,” she replied without hesitation, “I am sure it goes without saying but our aptitudes for magic are far different from a magic being’s. A single magic being is worth ten of us. At present, I have heard that the strongest magic beings, the Witches, are worth one hundred of us.” It was probably for this very reason that magic beings started coming into the Human World to begin with. Such is also the reason why humans born with the rare ability to generate mana like magic beings came to be born. Originally, mana was something that only magic beings had. It is the very power of magical beings. Those who are born with that power would then go on to learn the ways of magic, so as to us that power to expel the magic beings from the human world. Just as one would fight fire with fire, it was determined that it would be best to fight magic with magic. Such is the very essence of what a mage is. “What’s more, the most insidious group of witches, ‘Witch Dystopia,’ who killed the vampire king, has probably gone from having a thousand times more mana than we do to tens of thousands. Such is what the Knight Squad believes, anyway,” the headmaster continued. For anyone who has any involvement with the magic races, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know the name “Witch Dystopia.” In the Great War that unfolded in the demon world between witches and vampires, the fight ended with the witches killing the vampire king, “Lord Bloody.” We are at an absolute disadvantage in terms of mana and what’s more we require mediums so that we may use our magic. However, after many years of fighting, we of the Gouma Knight Squad have succeeded in the development of Artifacts. We were able to combine both the wand and the sword and it is the very product of humanity’s wisdom.”

Once this was said, Himitsu then shifted her gaze to Yukiha’s legs and saw her holder which no doubt housed her artifact. Just as mana was originally something that only the magic races had, magic itself was something that only the magic races could do as well. However, in an effort to make it so that humans could use magic, humans brought about magic implements that became the first mediums. In the past they were either wands or rings which certainly served their purpose but in the present, both weapon and medium have become one in the form of Artifacts which became the mainstream medium of the here and now. Against the magic races and the immense power they are so proud of, humanity has been able to oppose them with the development of weapons as well as organizational skills, continued Himitsu as she then changed her tone to a more humorous one, “So if you ever see that superhero again then please let me meet him. I will be sure to relinquish my position of captain to him as soon as you do.”

"You’re right… I’m sorry I told you something so strange", replied Yukiha as her head was lowered and she looked back to the whole incident. It was as if the boy’s overwhelming strength had been made to ridicule humanity’s weapons development and organizational skill, the very products of humanity’s wisdom. After that, Yukiha then left the headmaster’s office and out into the hallway.

“Yo, Kuhouin, what did you do this time?” said a large student in a snide tone. “Being called to the headmaster’s office… Does that mean you screwed up your mission? Haha, well suits you right,” continued the boy as he started to laugh and all the boys behind followed suit.

“Is there something you require of me, Sagai-senpai?” replied Yukiha with an irritated look on her face.

"Kuhouin, haven’t you gotten a little cocky since you got 1st out of pure luck? It’s not like your ranking in the academy or how many mistakes you make in the practical mean anything, you know", said the boy, continuing on with his sarcasm which only helped to fuel her irritation deep inside her all the more. This fit and well-muscled boy was Sagai Seigen, the former 1 st rank of the academy who was now in his senior year. To put it another way, it was her that stole his rank from him. In this April’s academy ranking, Yukiha won against Seigen. Being from the Kuhouin family, her name spread like wildfire once she enrolled at the academy. If she became someone who was idolized then there would be people who would be bound to feel jealousy towards her abilities and position. The current 2nd rank, Sagai Seigen, was the latter in this case. Whether it had something to do with his being frustrated over his losing to a younger girl, his having some sort of attachment to his now former ranking, or his later falling in the ranks, one if not all of these had something to do with Yukiha.

“I believe I asked you if there was anything you required of me,” said Yukiha in a cold tone that wiped the smiles off all their faces. If Seigen was to slander her in any way she was sure to reply in kind. “Did you come all this way not needing anything and just came to ambush me, Sagai-senpai? You must have quite a lot of time on your hands. If you have that much then I am sure you would find it more fruitful to put it towards training. Enough so that you would never lose to me next time.” Though Yukiha would usually shrug off Seigen’s sarcasm, today she was in a bad mood and returned the sarcasm in kind. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. For this time a boy whose name she didn’t even know had shaken her to her very core.

“You bitch… Don’t get cocky just because you beat me once!”

“If you will excuse me then, I have some business to attend to,” replied Yukiha as she ignored his shouts and walking down the hallway without waiting for his retort. She was not lying when she said she had business to attend to. For right now she intended to search for that boy she met earlier that day. “He was wearing this academy’s uniform,” she thought, “so why do I not remember seeing him before?”

“Please calm down, Seigen-san. You shouldn’t let yourself get all riled up by a girl like that,” said a voice from one of the boys behind him trying to calm him down.

“Shit! Dammit, just what is with this year?! First it was that girl and now it’s this new guy that transferred here!” “Right, that guy with the choker… There’s something about him that really pisses you off, huh?” After hearing this line, Yukiha stopped dead in her tracks. A male transfer student, a choker, These two pieces of information were swimming around in her head which then lead to Yukiha to turn on her heel and rush after Seigen. “Huh? Wha-What do you want, Kuhouin?! You bitch, you want some of this?!”

“Where did you see him, Sagai-senpai?” asked Yukiha, ignoring his threat, and then asked once more, “Where is that transfer student now?”

The dining hall at Seishun Academy is open until 7PM. The food tastes great, the proportions are large and are reasonably priced for a student’s budget. Among the students and even the teachers this dining hall was exceedingly popular and it was here that two students eagerly awaited their orders at the pickup window leading to the kitchen. One was a young, child-like girl with blonde hair, big eyes and small mouth. Though she was in a middle school uniform her appearance looked more like she was in elementary school. Next to the girl then was a boy in a high school uniform. He had black hair, a graphic t-shirt under his blazer and a woman’s choker around his neck. “And here are your orders!” said the energetic lunch lady as she brought their meals to the pickup window, “Here is your deluxe strawberry parfait and here is your stamina, a rice and meat bowl with twice the meat and three times the rice.” The lunch lady then handed the tray with the rice and meat that had pork cutlets, grilled chicken and pieces of steak on top of a mountain of rice to the boy and handed the girl the chocolate parfait with the whip cream, strawberries and brownie chunks on top. Looking at the orders in front of them, the two of them looked to each other with bitter smiles on their faces.

“Lunch lady, you’ve got it all mixed up. I’m the parfait and my little sister’s the rice and meat bowl,” the boy then stated as he then switched trays with the girl beside him. The two of them then carried their trays to open table and started eating. Bon appetit. The girl held her rice and meat bowl in her hands and started shoveling mouthful after mouthful of her meat and rice. Seeing her eat her food like a man was quite bizarre sight seeing as how she was as cute as a doll one would find in the west. “The stuff you eat is always a sight to behold, Seria. It’s amazing how you’re able to put away that calorie rich stuff all the time,” said the boy.

Once she heard this, the girl started to pout and stopped moving her chopsticks. “When it comes to food, you are the last person I want to hear that from, Nii-sama. Just what is with that bundle of sugar you are eating?” she said lisping causing the boy, Asagami Iulli, to frown at her.

“I use my head for a living so this much sugar is just the right amount.”

“You eat nothing but sweet things day in and day out. You are going to get diabetes, you know.”

“Shut up. Don’t talk about that while I’m eating.” “I will admit that parfaits are sweet and delicious but doesn’t the idea of your eating that ridiculous about all by yourself make you feel sick at all?” “Well what about you, Seria? Just where do you put all that food away in that tiny body of yours?”

“I am just the type of person that never gets fat no matter how much I eat.”

“Oh? I see, so you just digest it all and then go to the little girl’s room, huh.” “Please do not talk of such things while I am eating.” The two of them continued to chat as they continued eating their meals. Seeing him eat a parfait and his little sister a rice and meat bowl made for quite a strange sight and make everyone around them look on in puzzlement. The two siblings didn’t seem to be bothered by it, though. “This cafeteria has got a great thing going for it. It’s fast, cheap and it tastes great. The dessert selection’s to die for, too. We’ve got to thank master for sending us here.”

“Hi ha hwey, Nii-hama,” said the girl with her cheeks puffed out like a hamster’s.

“Ask me again after you choke that down.”

“… By the way, Nii-sama,” said Seria once again after she swallowed her food. “It has been two weeks since we started attending here thanks to Master’s connections but are you getting accustomed to the academy? Are you doing well in your studies? Have you been able to make friends?” asked the girl to which she got no reply from her brother. “Well what’s this, Nii-sama, you have a pained look on your face.”

“No… It’s just that I was thinking about how I should be the one asking you that. You’re my little sister so why are you worrying about me like you’re my guardian or something?”

“It’s because you are so unreliable, Nii-sama.”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who’s got rice on their cheeks,” said Lulli indignantly and causing Seria to take her hand to her cheek, find the rice, and put it into her mouth.

“I do not know what you are talking about,” replied his sister with a triumph thinking that her face was now clean even though there was more rice on her other cheek still.

Lulli then stuck the thin parfait spoon into his mouth and sunk deeper into his chair. “Well, I’m doing all right by most standards. I don’t get the classes at all, though.”

“I thought as much,” replied Seria as she then let out a sigh, “At the very core of your being you are just not suited for magic.”

“Well what about you?”

“I am doing quite well. Unlike you, I am good at adapting to situations. Such is why I am able to worry about you as I am now. Like with earlier, was it truly wise to have such an attitude when dealing with an upperclassmen like that?”

“Well… It’s not like I meant anything by it. All I did was be honest and say, ‘nope’ when he asked me ‘do you have any idea who I am?’ when I accidentally bumped into his shoulder.”

“That boy was an upperclassman by the name of Sagai Seigen. He is currently ranked 2nd out of the entire academy and is apparently a very adept mage,” said Seria as she was looking at her cellphone. She was looking at the academy’s ranking list. On it she is able to find out who the top ranking students, what they look like as well as other sorts of information.

“Oh? Is that so? I guess I should have tried sucking up to him more,” said Lulli sarcastically as he scooped up a brownie and put it into his mouth, “but Seria, since that guy’s 2nd does that mean that there’s someone even stronger than him?”

“Yes, currently the one who is in 1st is, if you can believe it, is a girl who’s in her first year of high school just like you are. Her name is-“

“I found you!” said a voice from the sidelines that took the siblings by surprise. There standing before them was the talented girl who held the rank of 1st in the academy, Kuhouin Yukiha. Lulli then looked at the girl that called out to him, looking rather stupid as he stared at her with the spoon still in his mouth. If 8 out of 10 people would call her “pretty” then the remaining 2 would call her “cute”. Whatever the case, she was a truly beautiful girl. Though she still seemed child-like in some respects her face was nevertheless beautiful and dignified. “I have found you… Huhu. So it is true that you are a student at this academy. I thought I had not seen your face before but I never would have thought that you were a transfer student of all things.” The girl went on to say that she wasn’t going to let him escape while showing a look of anger and joy in her eyes as she glared at him.

“Nii-sama, do you know this person?” said his younger sister as she stared at him blankly. Lulli then once again looked at the girl once more. He looked at her hair that was tied up in the back, her swelling bust, long legs and knee high socks… As he continued to stare at her the gears in his head started to turn and


“It took you long enough, do you remember me now?”

“You’re that girl who showed her panties off!”

“I-I did no such thing!” retorted the girl as her face turned a bright red and started to scowl at him.

“Hahaa, sorry, sorry… It’s just that your panties left a pretty big impression on me,” replied Lulli, meaning it as a joke.

“Wha… Wh-Why you, you truly are a pervert, aren’t you?!” Obviously not getting the joke, the girl became enraged to such an extent that steam started shooting out of her head.

“Ummm… Huh? Did you ever tell me your name?”

“Aah… Now that I think of it I never did tell you, did I? My name is Kuhouin Yukiha and I am in my first year of high school.”

“Yukiha, huh, that’s a pretty name.”

“Yo-You are using my first name just like that?!” asked Yukiha, clearly flustered by this whole turn of events.

“Hm? Isn’t that only normal? It’s the name your parents gave you so I’ve got to be sure to use it a whole lot, right?” answered Asagami Lulli who made it a point to call other people by their first names. “If you really don’t want me to I won’t call you by your first name, if you like,” Lulli added.

“No… It is fine, you can call me Yukiha.”

“I’m Asagami Lulli. I’m high school freshman just like you. You can just call me Lulli.”

“Asagami Iulli… I am sorry to ask you this but do you think you could stick your hand out?” said Yukiha as she extended her own hand out. Lulli thought that she wanted to exchange a friendly handshake with him and so he stuck his right hand out but once he did that Yukiha then grabbed his wrist so hard that it almost seemed like she was going to twist his arm right out of his socket. “There truly is not one burn mark on your hand even though you deflected that dragon’s flame magic with nothing but your bare hands. What’s more, you neither have an artifact… nor a tattoo… So just how were you able to perform such a feat?” Yukiha asked as she stared straight at him. It then became apparent that her goal wasn’t so much to shake his hand but to look at it instead. She was probably wondering if there was some kind of trick to his hand and it was here that Lulli broke out into a kind of bitter smile. The reason being was because his right arm- no, his entire body had nothing done to it to begin with.

“Why is this girl who came out of nowhere holding your hand so affectionately, Nii-sama?” asked a stern looking Seria from across the table as she was holding her rice and meat bowl.

“Eh? Wha-?! Yo-You’re wrong! I am doing no such thing! I just-,“ retorted Yukiha as she desperately tried to explain herself but it became apparent that Seria wasn’t the only one who was watching this.

“Oi, isn’t that Kuhouin over there?”

“Oh, she already came back from her mission?”

“Oi, wait a second, is Kuhouin holding hands with someone?”

“No way, the girl with the highest rank in the school and the title of ‘Persephone’ is holding hands with a boy?! Oh wow, isn’t this like big news?!”

“Speaking of which, weren’t they just talking about ‘Persephone’s’ panties? Oh man, have they actually gotten that far already?”

“Who is that guy? I’ve never seen him before.” Before she realized it, she and Lulli were the center of attention for the entire dining hall. Now that she finally realized it, Yukiha started to panic.

“Oh honestly, Ju-Just come with me! There are too many prying eyes here!” said the flustered Yukiha as she grabbed his hand again and dragged him out of the dining hall.

“N-Nii-sama is being taken captive. I must go after them… Ah, but there is still meat left. Ah but Nii-sama… Aah but the meat.” Such was the sight Lulli saw as he was being dragged off somewhere. His little sister was struggling between going after him or to finish her rice and meat bowl.

“Oi, oi, what am I going to do? I walked out with this parfait and spoon. Am I going to be okay? The lunch lady isn’t going to get mad at me, will she?”

“Just how long do you do you intend to keep eating that thing?!” said the girl as they were now at the back of some stairs where not too many people pass by. Seeing Lulli continuing to eat the parfait he got from the dining hall, Yukiha could not help but comment on it. “You could have just left that in the dining hall, couldn’t you?!”

“What’s that? Yukiha, you don’t get it, do you? Just what do you think will happen if I leave this out during season like this? That’s right, the whipped cream would melt and if that happens the cornflakes underneath it will lose it crispiness-“

“I couldn’t care less!” yelled Yukiha to which Lulli responded with, “What do you mean by that?” Grumbling as he continued eating his parfait.

“Oooh, for crying out loud, Could you stop eating that and listen to what I have to say?!”

“Shut up. Quit making such a big stink about it. Here, I’ll let you try a little bit,” answered Lulli as he stuck the spoon with some whip cream on it into her mouth.

“It’s delicious- Not that!” replied Yukiha as she tried to get him to listen to what she had to say and stop eating the parfait but she then stopped and stiffened up. Her face then became flushed and she then went to say in a small voice, “Ho-Hold on… Was that not an in-in-indirect kiss just now?”

“What’s with you? Aah! I’m just going to say this now but I won’t be giving you anymore! I said a little bit and that’s all!”

“Well I did not ask you to!” said Yukiha, raising her voice and then hitting the wall with all her strength. After taking some deep breaths and Yukiha calmed down she looked straight at Iulli and asked him this:“Asagami Lulli, just what are you?” The look in her eyes was serious.

Lulli then stopped eating and let out a big sigh. “I don’t really know what to say when you ask me that… I’m just me. Nothing more, nothing less… I’m just like I said earlier, freshmen in the high school section of Seishun Academy just like you are.”

“Don’t try to deny it. There should not be any way for a single student to defeat a dragon with a single punch… No, it would probably be impossible for even a member of the Knight Squad to do… And what’s more, you are not equipped with any sort of Artifact,” said Yukiha to which Lulli didn’t have anything to say. “Was that some sort of magic?” she inquired.

“No, that wasn’t magic. I told you didn’t I? I’m not that good with magic.”

“Then how were you able to do that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” replied Lulli as he made his right hand into a fist and stuck it out in front of her. “I used nothing but my own brute strength to hit it.”

“You must be joking! I am being serious when I ask you how you did it!” yelled Yukiha as a look of anger showed in her eyes and Lulli found himself in a bind.

Thinking well true “It’s not a lie, though.” It was true, he really only used his own brute strength when he delivered that punch. Where not even a group of high ranking mages could hope to defeat it with all the magic they could must he was able to defeat it with a single punch. Ever since the fight on “that day” that was the sort of existence that Lulli had become.

“I’m not joking. I’m just kind of strong that is all.”

“Just kind of strong you say?”

“For starters, I did technically save your life, you know? Now all you’re doing is asking me how I did it and I don’t even get a thank you? Or what, are you going to pull one of those, ‘I don’t remember asking you to save,’ things or something?”

“Oh… Well…” said Yukiha who found herself having trouble speaking but finally said, “Tha-Thank you,” while her head was lowered. After seeing this, Lulli then thought that deep down that she was actually an honest person.

“No problem. It wasn’t a big deal at all,” replied Lulli. After hearing this, Yukiha then changed the conversation.

“That reminds me, what rank are you?”


“I mean to ask what your rank as a mage you are. If you are to become a part of the Knight Squad then they should have given you some sort of ranking.”

“Oh, right, I think I heard them say something about that, huh. Let’s see… Here.” Lulli then handed Yukiha his student identification card from his breast pocket all the while trying to remember all that they told him when he first transferred in but it was all a blur.

“What?!” replied Yukiha as her eyes widened. Shocked at what she had found on his student identification card. “D-D-Rank?!”

“Looks that way,” replied Lulli as he looked at his school I.D. once again. His card had his picture, name, what class he was in as well “D-Rank” printed on it. After taking the academy’s entrance exam, attended classroom lectures, showed off his skills, had interviews and all sorts of different tests the rank that Asagami Lulli was given… Was D. “I’m kind of vague on this whole ranking thing so what is D-Rank? Is it amazing or something?”

“It isn’t. D-Rank is the lowest rank there is. Those who are able to use a little mana are temporarily assigned the rank of D but I do not think there is anyone in the high school section with a rank like this.”

“Oooh. So I’m the only one, huh? Haha, I’m pretty cool, huh,” said Lulli as he gave a carefree smile. Meanwhile, Yukiha had brought her hand to her forehead utterly baffled by the whole situation.

“Just wait a moment… I am starting to really confused. Just what are you? Are you amazing or not?”

“I’m me,” answered Lulli as he ate the last spoonful of his parfait, “All right, I’m done filling myself up, I guess I’ll go now?” continued Lulli as he was leaving but was stopped in his tracks by Yukiha.

“Wa-Wait, where are you going?” she inquired.

“What do you mean? To take make-up tests,” answered Lulli to which Yukiha’s eyes widened once again. Located underneath Seishun Academy is the 1st Training Area. It consisted of a large round room with dirt paved over its floors. The ceiling was also quite high so there was virtually no sense of claustrophobia whatsoever.

“It really is big, huh. This place.”

“Asagami, this will make the third time you have taken this make-up test, but-“ his instructor went on who he then casually ignored what she had to say and instead focused on her herself. She was a tall, slender woman who had a beautiful face as well as piercing eyes. She was dressed in a kind of military suit and had a wild air about her. Her name was Mishima Momo and she was both an instructor at the academy as well as an A-Rank mage affiliated with the Knight Squad.

“Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself at all?” she then asked him with a look of anger in her eyes which she could not suppress. Were it someone weak, then her gaze would have been enough to render that person unconscious however Lulli gave a relaxed grin and this carefree answer:

“Well, how do I say it… I have this policy about loving my weak self and accepting it.”

“I have never encountered a student as bad as you before,” replied Momo, sighing, shocked she has to deal with such a student. When Lulli transferred to the academy it was her class that he was assigned to. As a result, it was inevitable that she was tasked with giving him make-up tests. “With a problem child like I cannot help but feel that training you will be a waste of time,” she went on.

“No way… Please don’t give up on me, Momo-chan-sensei,” replied Lulli who then saw a vein appear on his intructor’s head the very instant he said that.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Instructor Mishima?!” retorted Momo in a low scary voice as she produced a ring from her bosom. It was a medium used to perform magic; a magic implement. This tool was an extremely important yet simple element that allowed for people to use magic. It was an implement used to help those venture into the realms of magic. Such is why they are called magic implements. Momo then put the ring on the index finger of her right hand and began focusing her mana. As she was doing this, the ground surrounding her began to bulge. Bits and pieces of earth also began to rise and it began forming into a kind of human doll. In just one or two seconds later, the dirt was made into the form of a solider with full body armor on. “The requirements for passing this test are the same as before: If you are able to land a single hit on me then you rank will be raised to that of C-Rank,” she explained in a resolute tone as she made nine more claymen who followed her every command.

On the other hand, Lulli just lightly shrugged her shoulders as he asserted without a hint of doubt in his voice: “Momo-chan-sensei, I’ve told you many times before, haven’t I? I can’t hit you.” From the corner of the training area, Yukiha was watching Lulli’s make-up test with doubt in her eyes.

“H-He’s weak. He’s far too weak,” she thought to herself as he watched him struggling with Mishima Momo’s make-up test. He used neither barrier magic nor detection magic. What’s more, he had no intention of attacking her, either. All he did was clumsily dodge her attacks over and over again. One might even say that he was just running around. “As it stands… He truly will be a D-Rank mage,” she thought to herself. In the Gouma Knight Squad, as well as its lower organizations that are affiliated with it, the ranks range from D-Rank to S-Rank. The only ones accepted into the Knight Squad are those of A-Rank or higher. As far as S-Rank mages are concerned there are only a handful of them within the Knight Squad. As a mage it is proof that they are the “greatest” and those who have been recognized as a S-Rank mage will forever have their names carved in history. While on the other hand having D-Rank, the absolute lowest rank, means that you cannot even do the most basic things mages can do and are in other words apprentices. Everyone who first joins the training institute all start out with a D-Rank but almost all of them will advance to C-Rank as long as no one drops out.

“Just how were you able to beat that dragon with a single punch?”

“I knew it, so you know about Nii-sama’s ‘power’ don’t you?” Without even realizing it Yukiha had spoken her question out loud which then caused a young girl’s voice to call out to her. Turning around, Yukiha found herself starting at a girl with blonde hair. The very same middle school girl who was eating that massive bowl of rice and meat with him earlier.

“It’s a nice to meet you, my name is Asagami Seria.”

“I-It’s nice to meet you as well,” replied Yukiha albeit slightly awkwardly as she was taken aback by this whole encounter.

“You referred to him as ‘Nii-sama,’ does that mean then… That you are Asagai Lulli’s…”

“Yes, I am Nii-sama’s little sister.”

“So you are that boy’s little sister, hm.”

“You are Kuhouin Yukiha, correct? You are the one who holds the highest rank of 1 st in this academy. Your beauty as well as your brilliant techniques have also garnered you the second name of ‘Persephone’ as well. It is an honor to meet you,” continued Seria. What with her knowing full well who Yukiha was she knew that she had to be polite to her.

“She is completely different from that brother of hers who lacks any sort of manners,” thought Yukiha, “This little sister of his certainly knows how to behave.” “So, Seria-san.”

“Feel free to call me Seria.”

“Very well… So Seria just what is his ‘power’? Do you know what it is? Just… What is he?” Seria then crossed her arms and began to think for the next few seconds about whether to tell Yukiha or not. In the end, she let out a big sigh and finally resigned herself to telling her.

“Let’s see… Seeing as how you have already come to know about Nii-sama’s power there is no point in trying to hide it now. Not to mention the fact Nii-sama did not really try to hide it to begin with…” Seria continued on. As if almost trying to convince herself to tell Yukiha the truth and finally started to do so. “Due to various circumstances… Nii-sama and I ended up becoming disciples of a certain man. He was very skilled as a mage but due to his problematic personality he seems to have never been a part of the Knight Squad or any of its smaller organizations.”

“By ‘problematic,’ what do you mean?”

“He loved drinking, gambling and women,” answered Seria to which Yukiha thought that such a man would be problematic.

“Then I suppose that means that you siblings did not transfer here from any training institute, did you?”

“Yes, that is correct,” answered Seria. Other than Seishun Academy, there are many training institutes that are under the Gouma Knight Squad’s jurisdiction. Most all who have the potential for using mana are taken in by the Gouma Knight Squad and learn spells to help them live as mages. There are also cases where a mage is born into a normal civilian family, like Yukiha was, where then that family name becomes renowned for having a line of mages in its bloodline.

“You two did very well slipping into this academy as you did. I have heard that when a mage’s mana first starts manifesting in their early teen years that the Knight Squad would be sure to find that mage and throw him or her into a training institute.”

“It would seem that master did something about that. He used some kind of concealing magic on us.” Yukiha was then convinced of Seria’s story. There were many kinds of concealment magic, after all. “So in the end… Well, many things happened: we trained for many years under master and then one day we found ourselves fighting very strong and very evil magic races.”

“It sounds like it was quite rough.”

“These magic races were unbelievably strong. Both Nii-sama, myself and of course master had an extremely difficult time dealing with them. To top it off, being the underhanded fiends that they were, they even went as far as taking me hostage.”

“Oh, that certainly is underhanded.”

“It was my fault that Nii-sama and master were beaten within an inch of their lives. They were dangerously close to being killed as well,” continued Seria whose face turned grim as she remembered that incident. “But wait a minute! A miracle occurred!” Seria went on. Going from a dark looking expression to one where her eyes sparkled as brilliantly as the sun. She had also raised her voice all of a sudden so Yukiha was both surprised as well as a little unsettled. “Nii-sama ‘awakened’ using the power of his feelings he had for his little sister!”

“A-Awakened?” Though Yukiha was taken aback that did not stop Seria as her nostrils flared as she used her whole body to tell the story of her brother and what he did that day.

“Once Nii-sama’s transcendental super power had awakened he punched, kicked and slammed all his enemies and saved me.” A short silence transpired between the two as Yukiha was eager to hear what happened next. “That is all,” added Seria simply.

“That’s it?!” replied Yukiha, unable to hold herself from commenting on the abrupt ending to Seria’s story.“Ju-Just wait a minute… There are still things I do not understand. Ju-Just what do you mean by he’s awakened?

“I meant exactly what I said; he awakened. You know, they have that happen a lot in manga’s and the like, don’t they? When the characters are in a perilous situation where all seems lost and just as it looks like the hero’s friends are in danger a dormant power awakens inside him.”

“Ye-Yes, well, I am certainly aware of such turns of events in stories like that.”

“That was sort of how Nii-sama became stronger. Well, I had an inkling he had gotten too strong to be honest… So much so that he would usually win from just the air pressure he produced by from one of his punches.”

“Just the air pressure… you mean…” “It seems as though something unique had changed the very nature of his mana but not even I know exactly how. We thought it was something temporary but he has been strong like that ever since.” Hearing this, Yukiha could not help but feel troubled. It did not seem that Seria was lying to her. What’s more she appeared to be dead serious about what she was talking about as well.

“So does that mean that she was telling me the truth this whole time?” she pondered. The story itself wasn’t all that persuasive but she felt that Iulli’s very strength might not fall in either the realm of persuasion or understanding. “But… If that is so then why is he being treated like a D-Rank mage?” Yukiha could not help but ask. Being able to defeat a magic being, in this case a dragon, in a single attack in itself would have warranted him an A-Rank. No, it would not be strange if he had been recognized as an S-Rank mage for such a feat… And yet…

“Haa… That is something that is bothering me as well,” answered Seria as she took a very deep sigh. “When Nii-sama and I transferred here we were asked the question ‘how well are you at using magic?’ to which we both answered honestly. As such, Nii-sama said, ‘I can’t but I was able to beat a magic being,’ however-”

“They did not believe him, did they?”

“Exactly,” answered Seria, dejected. It’s no wonder, thought Yukiha. The only reason that Yukiha was able to believe in Lulli’s power was because she had seen it with her own eyes. Otherwise no one would believe such a statement as “I can’t but I was able to beat a magic being.” It would be the same as saying, “I can’t do multiplication but I can do prime factors.” Hearing something like this would surely make the other person think he was just acting stupid and playing up his abilities.

“Before he had become so strong, Nii-sama was the type who was able to make full use of his magic in combat. Now it goes without saying that his grades on the admission test were naturally the worst. I even heard that his grades were the worst the academy has ever seen in its entire history. Such is why Nii-sama has the lowest rank of D. I am just happy that they did not reject his enrollment.”

“I see. So that is why he is taking a make-up test to go up to C-Rank.” Unlike an S-Rank or A-Rank test, a C-Rank test is considerably easier to pass and the criteria in which to pass it are surprisingly vague. If any of the faculty who are A-Rank or higher determine that someone has potential then that mage would be able to rise to C-Rank. In essence, all Lulli would have to do to rise to C-Rank would be to show his opponent, Mishima Momo, his power. However, as far as Yukiha could tell, if he were to do that here the results would be nothing short of catastrophic. “Of all the people he had to have as his instructor he had to have Mishima. Among all the instructors here she is the most difficult to deal with. He really ran out of luck when he got her.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” replied Seria, nodding her head in agreement. “If only his instructor was not a woman he would have already become C-Rank or higher by now.” This, however, was not the reason that Yukiha had for why Mishima Momo was a bad match for him.

“What do you mean?” Yukiha inquired.

“Nii-sama does not hit women,” answered Seria succinctly as she told the simple truth about her brother. It was at this moment that they then heard someone say,

That’s enough!” with a voice so full of spirit that it reverberated throughout the training area. Yukiha then changed her gaze back to the training area and the sight of the two of them on it. With a wave of Momo’s hand all of the claymen went back to the earth. The only thing left standing was Lulli who was covered in dust and dirt. “Our time is up, Asagami.”

“Huh? It’s over? So, how did I do?”

“I commend you for asking me such a question so shamelessly considering your performance just now.”

“Then… Does that mean I passed?”

“You failed you fool!”

“Ah man, seriously? Then, does that mean that… I have another makeup test next week?”

“Naturally, I do not allow any D-Rank students into my class.”

“Huh? I don’t want to… I really don’t want to… Three times is enough for me… My clothes are all dirty, there’s dirt in my mouth and I won’t have any free time after school.”

“Then that just means that you will have to hurry and land a hit on me already.”

“I can’t do that,” replied Lulli, stopping just short of making his excuse sound pathetic but in a clear voice. Hearing this, Momo could not help but intently stare at the boy and his dirty clothes. “I would rather die then hit a woman,” continued Lulli, saying these words without any sign of wavering or hesitation in his eyes. Showing just how serious he was. Seeing the brazen expression on the boy’s face, Momo could not help but feel at a complete and utter loss to which she then let out a sigh.

“It’s fine if you believe in feminism but first you must focus on harnessing your power. The only ones who are able to make it on the battlefield are those with power.” All right!“You may return home for today. I have a full schedule so I will be off to give other students their makeup tests as well.”

Once he was permitted to go home, Lulli screamed for joy, saying “YES!” as he ran out of the training room. Seeing his behavior, Momo could not help but feel rubbed the wrong way but began to conduct the next makeup test regardless. After seeing this, a fierce expression appeared on Yukiha’s face. “As I thought… It looks like Instructor Mishima has not realized it yet. That Asagami Lulli is far stronger than that,” she thought. When it came to power to make it through on the battlefield, Lulli had more than enough. Of course, she had no reason to believe everything that Seria had told her. Yukiha herself was still skeptical of the whole thing. However, the sight of him on that day was still burned right into her memory. Asagami Lulli, looking cool as some kind superhero as he saved her at the time. “No,” she thought, “Tha-That’s not it… Just what is cool about that man?! He is nothing but a pervert!”

“If you do not mind, I would like to get through,” said a voice behind Yukiha as she was trying to come to grips about how she felt about Lulli. Yukiha then realized that she was in the entranceway and then frantically made way for her. “Thank you very much,” said the girl indifferently as she walked past Yukiha and Seria. She was a girl who had lightly colored hair that reached down to her shoulders. Her eyes were large and her face seemingly innocent looking in some respects. For anyone that saw her they would probably say she looked like a cold doll.

“If I recall correctly, she is from Instructor Mishima’s class… I believe her name is Tsuji Yashiro,” thought Yukiha as she was staring after the girl’s back while searching her memories for any information about her. However, all she could remember was her name. As they were both freshmen she made a point of looking for a chance to talk with her but never could find one. Among the other students there was talk that her grades and performance had not improved at all and that she was not expected to take part in this year’s ranking matches.

“Oh, could it be that you’re the one who has the next makeup test with Momo-chansensei?” asked Lulli as he was passing by Yashiro in the entrance way as he was covered in dirt.

“My name is not ‘you,’” said Yashiro in a cold tone, apparently wishing to correct him, “my name is Yashiro. Tsuji Yashiro.”

“Hmmm, so your name’s Yashiro. My name’s Asagami Lulli.”

“Lulli… I know of you. You are that transfer student, aren’t you?”

“Lulli, your sister told me the reason why you have become so strong. Well, I am beginning to understand the reason for it if not only a little, anyway… But it truly is only a little.”

“I see,” said Lulli, acting as if he could not care less. Even if his little sister was telling her the story right in front of him, he would not have tried to silence her. “I’m really not trying to hide my power but I don’t plan on showing it off, either.”

After hearing this, Yukiha thought for a while and then let out a sigh. “For now, let me just tell you this: as far as the dragon you killed is concerned I told the Knight Squad that it was already on the verge of death when it manifested in the human world. Admittedly, I tried to tell them about you, but… Sadly they did not believe me.”

“Hahaha, well, I’m sure no one would believe you right off the bat.” “This is no laughing matter. Just what are you going to do? If you were thinking of telling them the truth I thought I would go with you and help verify your story.”

“No, it’s all right, it would be pain anyway. What happened last time was just a little extra exercise to my walk. I was just walking around and I just so happened to find you and that dragon.”

“A walk, you say? You were taking a walk in such a remote region?” The woodland area where Yukiha was fighting the dragon was quite far from the academy. Yukiha had prepared a magic teleportation device so as to move through it because it was so vast that one would have to take countless transfers by train just to do so normally.

“Yeah,” said Iulli as he pointed to his uniform, “I heard that this has some kind of spell on it that makes it so no normal person can see us so I thought I would run all over the place and try it out.” The magic embedded in Seishun Academy’s uniforms was a simple recognition inhibition spell. This was done so no ordinary person could see their students perform “feats beyond any person’s means.” Simply put, such magic will be necessary to ward people off when a clash of enormous scale broke out.

“I see, so to you that place are nothing more than a place to walk,” replied Yukiha, finding herself laughing before she even realized it. For those born with mana, one is considered to have physical abilities beyond any normal person however the boy standing before her looked to have physical abilities even beyond that.

“Oh yeah, one thing… Don’t go around telling people I killed that thing,” said Lulli as though he just remembered to mention it.

“What do you mean?” asked Yukiha, looking puzzled, “you were the one who killed that black dragon, weren’t you?”

“I didn’t. That dragon was practically dead to begin with.”

“Practically dead to begin with,”

“The bodies of dragons may be proportionate to their age but it wouldn’t be surprising for a dragon that size to understand people. That and a black dragon wouldn’t use flame magic. That’s what red dragons are known to use. And to top it off its movements were dulled down. It was almost like it was moving under some kind of orders.”

“Wa-Wait just a moment,” said Yukiha in a panic, “are you saying that dragon was under someone’s control?”


“Impossible. Among all the magic races dragons is one of the strongest. If there was something that could control something like that…”

“Yeah,” replied Lulli. The coloring on Yukiha’s face then took a turn for the worse as she figured out what could do such a thing. While in contrast, Lulli casually said, “Don’t you think a ‘Witch’ could have done something like that?”

(Source: Deus Ex SCANS)